Legal Online Poker For Delaware Residents

Delaware is one of the few states that oppose most forms of gambling however online poker for Delaware residents isn't something they've taken action against. So far, they have yet to take moves towards legalizing casino games, yet this hasn't prevented brick and mortar gambling venues and other gambling types from flourishing all across the state. In fact, outside of Nevada, Delaware is the only state with sports betting in it's casinos.

Is Online Poker Legal In Delaware?


With the exception of Washington State, playing poker online is perfectly legal everywhere in the United States, from an end-user perspective. The Unlawful Internet Gambling Enforcement Act (UIGEA) bill only puts a ban on certain financial transactions and it's up to the banks and casino owners to worry about it. The only impact it has on regular players is that some casinos might not offer certain deposit methods.

Moreover, poker isn't even mentioned in the UIGEA bill, nor does it single out a particular casino or table game. Offline poker might be against the law in Delaware, even though you aren't likely to get into trouble unless you're not laundering money or playing with mobsters, but you can safely enjoy the game online.

Legal Online Poker Sites For Delaware Residents

After analyzing a lengthy list of poker rooms, we have chosen a couple that stand out in the crowd. We evaluated the payment methods available, the bonuses, the overall look and feel of the poker rooms and the responsiveness of the customer support department.

BetOnline Poker - Best Legal Poker Site Accepting Delaware Poker Players

BetOnline is one of those sites that only the most resourceful and dedicated of poker players will find. It is a site that prides itself on its player base above all else. Those in Delaware looking for a group of poker players who know how to play a great game of poker need look no further than BetOnline.

The poker room at BetOnline isn’t all bragging rights and no cash, though. Those looking for some solid winnings to increase their bankroll should look into the Grand Poker room on BetOnline. This poker room is made for residents of Delaware that are looking for a little supplemental income. Guaranteed tournaments run around the clock and money games are a constant in this room. Any player worth their salt should be able to easily make a tidy profit in this fast paced but fun room. As mentioned though for poker players looking for more of a rush the Shark Tank is where they want to dwell. The Shark Tank is a poker room that BetOnline has gathered from around the U.S. comprised of the best players around. This isn’t going to be filled with players just looking for a quick buck. This room is full of the best players the site has to offer and they won’t go easy. If a no holds barred poker slug fest sounds appealing than the Shark Tank is the place to be.

SportsBetting Poker - Delaware Residents Accepted And Welcome To Play Poker

Residents of Delaware are well aware of how profitable poker can be. Due to this knowledge they are flocking in droves to sites like SportsBetting where even more money can be won. The land based casinos just don’t hold a candle to the winnings that SportsBetting can bring to the table. Most casinos have a few bland no-limit hold ‘em tournaments, but only SportsBetting has guaranteed tournaments that run all week long and end in a $10,000 dollar guaranteed tournament sure to make any poker player click their heels with joy.

Many players new the online poker room will ask what guaranteed tournaments are. They are tournaments where the pot isn’t determined by the amount of the players but rather a set pot that is divided among the top players. SportsBetting has dozens of these tournaments every day making them one of the most profitable sites on the web. Each week they give out more than $250,000 in guaranteed tournament winning to their users. It’s little surprise that they have quickly found themselves with the fastest growing player base on the web.

Delaware Online Poker Laws

Charity is the only offline form of poker that is fully legalized since there no online poker laws directly. There is only one such venue in Delaware – "The Poker Room" in Wilmington – that allows poker and blackjack and is the only casino in the state where minimum age is 18 (to play anywhere else you have to be at least 20).

It is highly likely that we will see a shift in legislation this year. A bill to allow table games in all casinos has already passed the state's House, so it's only a matter of time until poker will be fully permitted in most gambling establishments. Until then, just stick with online poker sites accepting Delaware residents for a truly safe experience.


Is it Legal to play Land Based Poker in Delaware?

For all intents and purposes, poker is illegal in Delaware. According to state laws, all forms of gambling are illegal. The law gets a little hazy in the mere participation of poker in that it does not actually define a punishment for the offense, that means any resident of Delaware can go to any poker room in the state, legal or illegal and play poker and while the action would still be unlawful, they would not face any penalties.

While this means that players can play anywhere, there is nowhere for poker room operators to turn. There are several different sections outlining various ways in which one could qualify as advancing gambling which all result in misdemeanors of various classes. These sections all prohibit the act of providing a space in which people can gamble. That being said, there is a key difference between a “gambling den” punishable by state law and small, household affairs.  Namely, the profits collected.  As long as the host of a private game does not collect any profit for merely hosting the game, they should be safe from legal prosecution in Delaware.

It should be noted that while Delaware does not allow poker rooms they do have a few casinos within the states boundaries. All of these casinos offer poker rooms to play in and have tournaments for poker players who wish to try their hand at winning big.

Legal Land Based Poker Rooms in Delaware

Currently Delaware has 3 different casinos in which residents can go and play poker. They are spread out across the state with Dover downs in Dover, and Harrington Casino closest to each other in Central Delaware then Delaware Park up in northern Delaware. Dover Downs and Delaware Park have the biggest tournaments with Delaware Park sporting a $150 dollar buy-in at most and Dover Downs a $100 dollar buy-in. Harrington has much less in the way of tournaments than the other two but still has 3 tournaments a week all with a $60 dollar buy-in.

Those craving variety though are going to be left high and dry at the casinos. They may offer up poker in a large and profitable environment but they certainly don’t have the same diversity of poker one can find online or at home. No limits hold’em is the name of the game at these casinos and there is little else even outside the tournaments.

One place in which players can remedy this lack of variety is at home. As it stands Delaware state law could possibly consider at home games as illegal, however the law is mostly to dissuade large rooms from forming where the owner of this rooms stands to make a considerable profit from the people playing in the establishment. At home games will often not be looked into or broken up even if the police knew it was going to occur. What this means is games at home are safe and can be played in any fashion the present players prefer to play in. The downside to betting at home is the big buy-ins and pots of casinos are not a reality at home. In all likelihood, a friendly, private poker game won’t result in any substantial amount of funds.

Note: The facts presented on this website shouldn't be taken as legal information. We aren't advisors, but rather enthusiastic poker players from Delaware who simply wanted to present you with some legal facts you may not be aware of. If you think you need further counseling and information, we would strongly advise you to consult with an attorney.